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Face Jigsaw Puzzle

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Make your face puzzle using your favorite selfie. Not only can you print one large face across the entirety of your face jigsaw puzzle, but you can also choose to kick things up a notch on the difficulty scale and make a repeating pattern. You could even make a collage using multiple different faces; either all of yourself or of various friends or family members. Your custom jigsaw puzzle is supplied in a stunning presentation tin, printed with either the same image as your puzzle or an entirely different one. To make things even harder, you could print an entirely different design onto the lid so that the picture on the puzzle is a surprise.

  • Make your face puzzle with a selfie
  • 30, 96, 252, 504, and 1,000 piece options
  • Supplied in a personalized tin
  • Handmade by experts
  • Design online with no minimum order
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  • Ready in 2 - 3 day(s)

    Ready in 2 - 3 day(s)

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  • US delivery $9.49
    • US delivery $9.49
    • Western European: $15
    • Other European: $23
    • Canada $24
    • Australia / Japan: $33
    • Rest Of The World: $33
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Using the repeat pattern design you can make your face puzzle harder than just a simple selfie. Create a tiled, half drop, or mirrored effect and see how difficult you can make your face jigsaw puzzle. You could even create a collage of faces using one of our pre-set templates or by creating your own from scratch. With the option to print the same image on the lid of the stylish presentation tin, or a completely different one, it's entirely up to you how tricky you make your face puzzle. 

This could be using the same image randomly placed, a variety of different facial expressions all of the same person, or even multiple people all with differing faces, like a group of friends or family. You can even use the faces of your dogs, cats, or any other pet. Print your favorite cartoon characters, bands, and limitless other possibilities when you are making your own design for your face puzzle. Create one with 30, 96, 252, 504, or 1,000 pieces either for yourself or as a fantastic gift.

your face puzzle
  • 10" x 7"

    This jigsaw has 30 pieces.

  • 14" x 9.5"

    This jigsaw has 96 pieces.

  • 10.5" x 13.2"

    This jigsaw has 252 pieces.

  • 21.3" x 15.7"

    This jigsaw has 504 pieces.

  • 26" x 17.3"

    This jigsaw has 1,000 pieces.

  • Same

    This will print the same image on the tin lid as your puzzle.

  • Different

    This allows you to create a different design than that of your puzzle.

  • Wood
  • Cardboard
  • Metal